Turnkey Solutions

Our Advantages:

    Whether you want a new production plant or a revamp of your existing equipment, it’s crucial that you have a reliable partner with extensive know-how and experience.
    Team Agrotech builds turnkey solutions based on innovative plant technology, complete with buildings and infrastructure, tailor-made logistics, and all the auxiliary equipment you need. This end to end solution ensures the results which you want.
    We implement your project perfectly as a general contractor or leading partner in a consortium. There’s more to our service than simply supplying plant. What’s also vital is to ensure your systems are immediately ready for operation. So you can focus on your core business: successful production.
    Extensive experience. That’s the most crucial success factor for turnkey projects. We have developed a proven procedure that coordinates all activities, guarantees quality, and monitors on-time, on-budget performance. So you always know the exact status of your project because we continually inform you about its progress. Our project management is designed to ensure you are involved in all major decisions.
    Included in the package are:

    • Project development
    • Project planning
    • Project implementation
    • Project leadership

    • One partner for all services
      We take overall responsibility for planning and execution. As a general contractor we have a wealth of experience in implementing large-scale turnkey projects in the Food and Feed industry. This in fact means, you discuss everything with just one contact.

      It’s an added advantage for you that we maintain strategic partnerships with World Leaders in the respective segments, to cover the entire range of turnkey solutions. Team Agrotech co-operates with engineering companies, representatives, and local partners to ensure, perfect positioning to guarantee the success of all your project phases.

    • Budget
      • Budget reliability
      • Less expenditure for temporary hiring of specialist personnel
      • Less expenditure for coordination
      • Less project organization expenditure
    • Time
      • Fast-track completion
      • Deadline reliability
    • Quality
      • One point of contact for the whole project
      • Optimized communication and clear responsibilities
      • Reduced interfaces
      • Reduced risk for you

CPM: CALIFORNIA PELLET MILLS, is the pioneer in the field of Animal Feed Processing solutions, offering World class equipments consistently for more than a century now. CPM has patented and introduced path breaking technologies, designs and specific features, for all the key processing machines which make them unique and offer consistent and uniform production for years together with minimum down time or maintenance of the equipments, thereby increasing the efficiency of the entire system.

Turnkey Solutions- Naturally!!!

It is a common saying in the CPM Head Office, about its equipments.

Our employees say it. Our customers say it. Even our competitors say it.

This means that if one gets associated with the CPM machines and its people, they are assured of rock solid dependability and performance, year after year.

Hence as CPM has been the leaders in the field of feed processing, it comes a natural consequence to offer a complete solution on a turnkey basis to any customer who is intending to setup a Pellet Making setup, with a long term perspective.

As we design, manufacture the equipments, using the right metallurgy, and control each and every process of the Manufacturing line we can commission a Feed manufacturing plant from concept to active stage.  Thus ensuring that you can concentrate on your core business of manufacturing feeds etc.

Unique Design & Plant Layout:

Having commissioned several plants across continents, manufacturing millions of tons of feed , year on year, we have the ability to design the plant as well as place the flow of equipments in such a way so as to ensure optimum production with minimum wastage and reduced energy intake.

With our unique Flow Chart and detailed engineering layouts, the Client is able to understand the entire process of manufacturing at the concept level itself, so that any provision for future expansion can be done.

Scope of Supply:

  1. Complete plant layout design and detailing
  2. Supply , Installation, testing and commissioning of CPM Key equipments
  3. Design, Supply , Installation, testing and commissioning of Auxilliary equipments like Interconnectors, Chutes, Spouts etc
  4. Design, Supply , Installation, testing and commissioning of Balance of Plant like Elevators, Dust collectors, Hoppers, storage structures, motors, flow control valves, Interconnectors, Chutes, Spouts etc
  5. Design, Fabrication & erection of various structures, for Raw material storage, machinery support structures, finished produce silos and other structures
  6. Design, Fabrication & erection of Complete Pre Engineered Buildings for housing of Pellet Mill Plant, Warehouses, Silos etcApart from the above scope of supply under the turnkey solution, we also can offer the selection of Boiler, Steam Components, Cables, Cable Trays, Piping structure and other accessories required in the commissioning of the plant.
  7. Supervision of Erection and commissioning of optional equipments and structures , not in scope of supply or Turnkey Contract.

Thus by offering us the entire Project on a Turnkey basis you are rest assured of the following from CPM:

  1. Lowest Operating cost in the industry
  2. Strong, robust design of the entire plant to ensure consistent and uniform production for decades altogether.
  3. Optimum design and plant layout ensures compact & space saving structures thus saving on expensive land cost.
  4. Lowest Maintenance cost in the industry with the minimum downtime as well as use of Spares.
  5. Extra low energy consumption resulting in reduced operating costs.
  6. Ensuring same product quality , batch after batch , year on year.