Dies & Roller Shells

Given CPM rich history of pellet pressing starting way back time, it is no mystery that our dies and rollers are as tough and robust as our pellet mills. Over the years, our CPM counterpart CPM Crawfordsville have improved and invested heavily in enhancing our dies. Their research in metallurgy and die development have proven so successful that even non-CPM customers are asking them to apply CPM expertise and produce die for their non-CPM machines.

Learning from our counterpart, CPM Asia have adopted the expertise to offer it to our Asia region, so that we may better serve our worldwide customers base. Customer can now have a peace of mind knowing that their die will fit, straight easily. Technical support is now closer to them than ever.

Pellet dies must resist abrasion, corrosion from chemical exposure and breakage caused by the physical stresses of pellet formation. Also they must offer high throughput to maximize production. The optimum die combines high resistance to abrasion breakage and corrosion with maximum productivity. CPM has perfected the die manufacturing to offer the highest quality pellet die for your application.

Whatever the application may be, be it feed, wood, plastic, RDF, sugar etc, however complex it could be, you can trust CPM to be there. Our expertise enables us to precisely match the die specification to your required formulation.

The CPM Benefits

  • Different materials to cater to your different applications
  • Heat treated to give dies excellent toughness, life and corrosive resistance.
  • More shapes, more sizes
  • Dies for even non-CPM machines

Roller Shells

  • Different materials to cater to your different applications
  • Different specifications and different sizes available
  • Roller Shells for even non-CPM machines