CPM Coolers

A good pelleting system is never complete without a good cooler. That’s why CPM provides coolers that give you optimum cooling and drying to cater to your needs. Designed with minimal floor space in consideration, CPM offers cooler in a variety of width and length with options to match their specific cooling needs. High efficiency and ease of operation. Get yours from CPM now!

The Heavy-Duty Horizontal Dryer/Cooler by CPM Roskamp is designed for the most demanding cooling and drying applications. Perfect for popular applications including pellets, meal, expanded collets and cake and more, the HDHC Horizontal Dryer/Cooler offers multiple feeder, plenum and steam coil options. Along with CPM’s expert knowledge and support, this machine is ready for anything.

  • 3-foot to 8-foot widths
  • 9-foot to 63-foot lengths

CPM Counterflow Cooler is one of the most advanced cooler available in the market. Its simple design, mechanically trouble-free and minimal space required, makes it the preferred choice and highly sought after cooler. CPM Counterflow coolers provides efficient moisture control and low-shock tempered cooling.

  • Provides moisture control
  • Ensures pellet durability
  • Efficient
  • Trouble-free
Choice of Discharge System
  • Sliding Grid
  • Rotary Grid
Model Surface Area (m2) Weight(Kg) Fan Motor(KW) Capacity(MTPH)
14x14 2 1150 15 <5
14x19 2.7 1350 18.5 3-7
19x19 3.6 1700 22 5-10
19x24 4.5 2150 30 7-15
24x24 5.7 2400 37 10-20
24x28 6.8 3000 45 15-25
24x28 8.2 3400 45 20-30
28x38 11 4500 55 25-40