CPM Crumbler

CPM Crumblers are well known for being high capacity and high efficiency in the market. Its compact installation and high quality construction make these machines one of the best available. Keeping its design simple throughout these years, you can rely on CPM for high efficiency and ease of operation always.

Key Advantages
  • Robust construction ensures maximum performance, 24*7.
  • Load-centering bearing supports & unique bearing slides assure accurate, consistent production.
  • Roll corrugation and speed differential ratios
  • Roll corrugations last 90-100 days at full capacity
  • Easy access doors for roll change with minimal disassembly required
  • Improved IRD belt wrap minimizes slip, Fans behind roll sheave circulate air, Reduce belt temperature and increase belt life, Guard design allows easy access for MD & IRD, IRD belt wrap & idler simplify belt change, Roll parallel adjustment is quick and easy.
Model Roll(mm) Roll Length(mm) Motor(KW) Capacity(MTPH)
1200-36SS 12"(305) 36"(914) 10 15
1200-48SS 12"(305) 48"(1,219) 15 20
1200-60SS 12"(305) 60"(1,524) 20 25
1200-72SS 12"(305) 72"(1,829) 25 30
1600-72SS 16"(405) 72"(1,829) 50 40
1600-84SS 16"(405) 84"(2,134) 60 48